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— A little about me

I'm a product and web designer who enjoys working on product design, design systems, and Webflow projects, but I don't take myself too seriously. I have a very positive and ego-free approach to all aspects of my life, and I carry a strong work ethic with me every place I go. I'm passionately obsessed with design that looks as good as it works. Experienced visual designer, UI/UX leaning, in-house trained and agency molded.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and come from a family of creatives. We moved to Orange County, California, in 2006 to escape the Swedish cold winters. After attending community college with the intention of becoming a pilot (one day I will have my license), I swapped majors and graduated with a BFA in graphic design and interaction design in 2018 from California State University, Fullerton. As a fine art student, it taught me the importance of beauty, while design taught me the importance of function.

Above all this, I'm a lifelong learner and what truly enriches my life are the incredible experiences I've had so far. From trekking to the peak of Mount Fuji in Japan to bungee jumping out of a hanging gondola, I'm always up for an adventure. I've fed and bathed an elephant, flown over an active volcano, and watched the aurora lights and sunsets in different parts of the world. These experiences help me step outside my comfort zone, push my limits, and grow both as a designer and as a person.

— What I've been working on

Since then, I've been designing digital products for companies in technology, finance, logistics, and real estate. I've had the privilege of working with businesses of all sizes - from family-owned to mid-size companies, startups, and large organizations.

2023 → Currently

Senior Product Designer

Vanguard - New York City, NY

2021 → 2023

Product Designer II

Bowery Valuations - New York City, NY

2019 → 2021

UX/UI Designer

EBizCharge - Irvine, CA

2018 (4 Months)

Design Internship

Branded Online (now Nogin) - Costa Mesa, CA

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